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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art

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What women need to know


“Women in STEM/A” (aka. STEAM) is the book that every woman desiring a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (Art included) needs to know before her journey in this realm begins.  This work takes a brutally honest look at what it is like to be a woman in this area of expertise, the world of Macho Picchu, and discusses the eminent challenges that are potentially to be faced.  This book walks the reader through a bit of history looking at some prominent important woman leading the way in science while delving into the mystery of why so few reach the upper echelon of leadership.  The author shares her experience after traveling through 23 years of working in Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Invitro Diagnostics, Blood Banking, Medical Device and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients while working in roles ranging from within the Quality Control lab in microbiology and immunology to Quality Assurance, Engineering, Validation and management only to hit that glass ceiling as a Director. 

Information is shared that paints a picture questioning societies decline in ethics along with workplace excessive stress sparking leadership from the primitive brain.  Do we actually even know what we are doing?  Is our food source creating illogical brains and irrational behavior?  Are corporations far more unstable today than they were when our parents enjoyed career longevity?  The author, while exploring the favoritism of men at the top and pay disparity, takes a look at the challenges faced from multiple angles.  This includes subconscious bias that we filter our worlds through to unknowingly the desire to hire another who is just like we are and/or satisfies unknown role expectations.  Is this need to maintain the status quo and hire someone similar to ourselves or preconceived expectations the reason men have continued to enjoy these high level roles?  Women’s role in effecting change is explored along with human procreation and its interference.   A greater self-awareness across the board is needed if we are to effect change and bring women to equal parity with men reaching that natural gender balance, Yin and Yang, as nature intended.

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