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Leadership in Crisis, Women in STEM

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Leadership in Crisis


Leadership crisis in action!
Blood, Sweat & Tears, Inc. takes a detailed look at the dynamics behind how workplace bullying and mobbing can take place. The author J Hughes was the Target of workplace abuse for close to 3 years. This book conducts analysis around the human dynamics of psychological workplace sabotage. It is one thing to be bullied by another individual but when workplace abuse steps over the edge to include organizational mobbing it is a whole different ball park and world. But, how does someone survive such attacks? We can only grow in our understanding of how to deal with this issue if we take a detailed look at what is actually happening.
Organizational employee abuse is on the rise! This book evaluates the leadership crisis and organizational psychology that allowed this to take place. In this book you will see what took place, what was said, what was done and how the author decided to take control attempting to turn it around. The only way she was able to walk into that building was as an investigator!
But, is this really a symptom of a far bigger problem happening in the US? Who have we become when the Director of HR is willing to hand a disciplinary letter to an employee when they are the cause for the first bullet point in list of complaints never previously delivered to an employee? Who have we become when we are willing to fabricate false lies to eliminate an employee giving the lowest ratings in a 360 degree review that doesn’t have a scale, questions are not professionally vetted and only given to one employee to remove them just to put someone else in the position? Our cultural ethics are in question! Should we be concerned when a European auditor says that the UK is concerned about leadership in the US? Yes! This book looks at the consequences of these ethics, environmental contributors, discusses coping skills and how to gain resolution.

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