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The Problem With Being a Top Performer?!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Employers Be Aware:

When an employee complains about someone there may be something lurking below the surface of intent. There could be jealousy. I was floored when one employee told me he was concerned that his new intern was getting work done too fast. It was making him look bad. What, I thought?! We should be happy when work is getting done quickly. A new intern has to prove he is capable to earn a new position after he graduates. He needs to do a good job to get the reference. But, when staff complain about someone it really is not the go to assumption that the employee is too good. Just keep this in mind as you navigate challenges among staff members.

Consider the article at the link below - well worth reading

The Problem With Being a Top Performer

Research demonstrates the ways coworkers punish star employees.

By: Scientific American|Francesca Gino

Sending you to their site so you can read it.

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