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Strength In Efficient Systems

In today's competitive market an organization needs to be agile, quick, strong and efficient. Inefficient systems can bog down staff making it more difficult to turn on a dime. Process steps that really are not necessary slow the system down. Disempowered staff lacking authority to make critical decisions can cause delays. Delays can cause a potential customer to walk. Staff that do not communicate can tarnish the reputation of an organization. Your products quality actually starts when your new customer makes that first call.

One way to tackle systems efficiency is through implementation of Lean Six Sigma. However, implementation of this system may not be right for everyone. The best time to implement this system is when your QS is at the teenage stage. You've been growing systems for a while but it's bogging down the organization.

How Lean Six Sigma is implemented matters. If you are seeking to train your staff consider the following

1. Implementation of this system needs to be continuously supported by the executive leadership (ELT) team.

2. Project recommendations should be submitted to the ELT for consideration with an estimated Return On Investment (ROI).

3. Projects with the highest ROI should receive highest attention with record of rational if not chosen.

4. Assigned resources should be dedicated and not reassigned on a whim.

5. After completion of the project track savings.

6. After proof of savings financially reward employees. To encourage submission of projects with cost savings reward the submitter with a percentage of the savings. Reward associated team members with a day off! It's worth all of it.

Lean Six Sigma isn't worth the effort if not implemented correctly. Otherwise, as one Executive once told me, it's just another tool. I suspect she was never trained correctly.

EM Colorado, LLC can help you implement this system. Take the power edge over your competition! Find and implement those cost saving efficiencies! Then, instead of your employees spending their days nursing broken systems they can be working on product development!


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