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The Importance of Efficient Systems

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

When you are on the side of having to create solid systems in a regulated industry it sure is a different kettle of fish when you are hiring a different industry company you'd like to have great systems in place. There again, if they are in a regulated industry you know, perhaps, what to expect as you hire a familiar vendor for work you are highly knowledgeable in. But, it sure can be hard when you are hiring a company for the first time to do something you have never done before. You can research, ask questions and as much due diligence as you can muster up but it's that first experience where you get to see their action. In pharma we get to audit a vendor and their systems but it's kind of hard to make this request of someone doing design work.

This is what happened to me. I even saw a portfolio. What I could not see was the massive failure of the CEO to put systems in place to ensure interdepartmental communication. I could not see the systems breakdown that caused their failure to do the very first thing they said they would do and that was a simple meeting to kick the project off. Despite requesting this meeting it didn't happen until after the CAD designer had already started the project without being given any information at all. this was falling into the realm of incompetence.

What are the consequences of failure to install the correct systems? Customer satisfaction is the primary consequence and second to that is loss of goodwill and business. Now, on the flip can have systems in place but they could be inefficient. When a company is small it's easier to ensure customer needs are met but as the company grows that will become more difficult. So, I recommend starting a flow chart even if it's on the wall and continually revise it to make it more efficient. Once you have it down, put it in writing! Don't hide that process flow in a Visio drawing in a file no one will see. Don't just put it on a print out and pass it around. Make it a living and dynamic project. People will make change recommendations at the moment they see the needed change. They could put it on a post it on the wall too for the need meeting consideration.

Flow Chart
Create the flow - make it a dynamic project

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