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Creating Change

Okay, so you know you need to make a change. This is either a personal change or maybe it is because you are leading a team. For executives that team could be small in number or many. It doesn't matter what you are faced with - change is change.

When we begin efforts to create something new and make a change there are some key fundamentals we need to keep in mind. Here are a few and I bet you can even come up some more.

1. There is a reason why Dr. Spencer Johnson wrote the book, "Who Moved My Cheese." We humans tend to seek comfort and security. We like to know what is coming because there is safety in knowing what you are up against. Also, habits reduce the number of daily decisions we make and that helps to reduce stress. Hence, people tend to resist change.

2. It takes extra effort that we don't have the energy for

3. Unable to maintain focus on it.

4. Don't know how to go about creating what needs to happen

5. Some other people involved do not see the need for change and won't support the effort. It will fail.

6. Executive leadership will remove the resources and thwart the effort. They never commit.

7. One or more team members never support anything I do.

For some people change is fun and welcoming. It's a natural part of who they are but this isn't the case for many. The above list can be real obstacles to effecting change in an organization. Each one will take a plan of action to address and tackle. All obstacles that could be encountered need to be anticipated and planned for.

Your coach will help you do this to ensure your change effort is effective. Goals will be developed. A picture of success will be established, all obstacles will be ancitipated and managed. Resistance can be habitual and there needs to be buy in.

Who needs to support your effort?


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