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Calling Upon Brain Talents In Hard Times

Sometimes life can get really hard. When challenge after challenge keeps knocking you down it may instill feelings of insecurity and inaction. You might even be inclined to asked the question, what is wrong with me? Then, as time passes with the brain continually subjected to intense stress, it can no longer function optimally causing zombie like behavior. I know, it sounds a bit extreme but is it when primary motivation begins to lean toward staying in bed or lounging in front of the TV with a bag of chips. Some people could label this as serious depression but have you ever stopped to consider that this emotional descriptor might be flawed?

Extreme stress can cause the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) of the brain to shut down. It becomes inactive with the more primitive sections toward the back of the head starting to take over. The body can go into survival mode. Heart rate and vital biological functions are now in ready mode. We can only do this so long before it gets old. Through brain scan technology the Amen Clinics have collected images of stressed brains showing this area as shut down. The PFC is known for more executive or complex cognitive functions. It helps us with actions that have a goal in mind. These would be actions such as......

  • Receive Sensory information - plan responses. (Movement, redirection of attention)

  • Communicate with other areas of the brain to enact a response

  • Self-control

  • Planning

  • Decision Making

  • Problem Solving

The crazy thing about difficult times and perpetual stress is that your top brain talents which truly make you who you are can come to the rescue. Each brain is uniquely built and designed. Yes, you are quite unique and statistically one in a million - even more than that actually. Finding someone with your exact same talents will be like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Gallup Strengths Assessment can help you to truly learn about what your innate talents are. This can help us to call upon natural tendencies in times of difficulty. Our greatest talents are an indicator of how the brain is hardwired with neurological networks strongest in certain areas.

Let's take a look at how this may work to overcome adversity. Below I have listed 5 top talents selected at random which might represent a person out in Zombie land. Let's call this Zombie Amy. She has......

1. Positivity

2. Input

3. Empathy

4. Analytical

5. Arranger

6. Activator

Amy has experienced multiple job losses over the last 5 years. To make matters worse her son passed away 12 months ago from a car accident and her father's health is ailing. She still needs to work but the emotional burden and lack of finances has taken a huge toll on her.

After her son passed away she found herself unable to think through solutions and just wanting to sleep in. She ended up having to live with her parents who were now both in their late 80's. She was cared for and secure but her innate need to make things happen (Activator) was driving her crazy. She found herself in a position of not being able to think through solutions effectively. How could a coach help her?

We need to first have an understanding that it is crucial to take care of number one. If she can rest up to heal then she should give herself room to do it. Be kind to yourself! Know that perpetual and extreme stress actually does affect brain function so rest is vital. If she were to take a spiritual perspective on the matter she might find that this is happening so that she can be home with her parents in the last portion of their lives. She has a great opportunity here to spend valuable time that she may not have gotten when she was working. Just had to add this because it happened to me.

Amy has positivity at the very top of her talents. She has an innate ability to turn what is hard into something positive. Outwardly, she is doing great but inside her strong talent for input is craving information. She will continually crave the collection of information that matters to her. In her last job she was always conducting research. Now that she is caring for her elderly parents she is finding it difficult to satisfy this need. How can she use this to her advantage?

Through the direction of her coach Amy would be asked to brainstorm actions she can take to put her INPUT talent to work.

1. She could seek remote working positions where she will need to collect information for business that interest her.

2. She could use this down time to collect information to build her own business.

3. She could look into volunteer work.

4. She could place focus on seeking part time work that allows her to help companies organize or ARRANGE their knowledge base.

5. What about the collection of information to activate a change related to her son's accident? Is there anything there?

Because Amy has positivity as her top talent she most likely will always be wearing a smile on her face no matter how difficult it all gets. People will love to be around her so her greatest talent will draw others to her. She needs to put her need for input to use and she will walk through this difficult time with ease. This will satisfy her brains need to do what it does best increasing her sense of wellbeing. She will feel of value and needed. Compare this to sleeping all day or watching TV.

Do you know what your talents are? Are you building them into strengths?

I can help you learn.


Photo Credit: Photo by <a href="/photographer/RavenMedia-37200">Andy Barton</a> from <a href="">FreeImages</a>

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