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A Case For Coaching

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Experience and learning.....

I would never have come to understand the importance of coaching until I decided to learn more about it. As a result I really owe Kathy who is the owner of the Center For Coaching Certification. I'd just come out a very traumatic work situation and while unemployed I inquired about what it would take to learn coaching. So, my journey began. So that I could understand what it was like to be the coachee she coached me for a few sessions so I could see how it worked, feel it, understand it and believe me in my situation it was really needed. The method Kathy taught me uses Neurolinguistic (NLP) and is what made it possible for me to exceed earning over 100 K per year. I owe Kathy a LOT for what she taught me. To further extend the journey of learning the importance of coaching I then obtained Gallup certification. I came across a LinkedIn article about coaching and thought I would further share it here.

While Gallup imparted statistical significance to the process and outcome Kathy's training included a greater understanding of the brain, how it works and how to overcome deep seated habits, thoughts patterns and other mental traps that we pick up in our life's journey. Her method uses Neurolinguistic programming and trust me when I tell you that it's used far more than you know in marketing. I highly recommend going to YouTube and watching Darren Brown. Below is a few links to a couple of videos he posted that say it all. I believe Darren would refer to this as perception without awareness. It's a bit different but similar in nature. I believe this is a form of NLP.

Toy Store:

Marketing Advertising Agency Task:



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