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Coaching helped me to exceed Six Figures!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Better yet, it was done using NLP. NLP is neurolinguistic programming. I didn't believe it would work initially but it did cause a very important change in me.

Layoff number 12 was the most difficult time professionally I'd ever experienced. After hitting that glass ceiling in a Director level role it was extremely difficult to find a job since I had been let go before a 90 day trial period was completed. I spent about 15 months looking for a job after that. However, this search was not full time for this 15 months because my father's life was nearing its end and required some of my time but I did search each day. During this time off I wanted to gain a new skill so was very fortunate to find a very kind woman who trained me to become a coach. She gave me a few coaching sessions so I would understand what it was like to be coached. I owe this woman a great deal of gratitude because it was her work that helped me to reach for the first time in my life a 6 figure income. But why did it work?

The reason the coaching worked was because neurolinguistic programming was used. I was amazed. I had taken a new job as a Validation Engineer through a temp agency. As a temp I requested a certain figure per hour. After 6 months I was offered the job full-time through the company I'd been working at. This was great! But, despite the fact that I was a greater than 20 year veteran who managed this system in the past they offered me an entry level wage. What?! I was in a Director level position. I'd been out of work for so long that I was desperate for an income. To offer me such a low was I felt a professional insult. In the past I might have taken it but something had changed in me. I very calming claimed that I was a 23 year veteran of these systems and can't take anything less than what I deserve and certainly not less than I was as a contractor. The programming in my mind had changed! When I stood up for what I was worth they gave it to me.


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