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Worplace Culture Shock Coaching: Welcome
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Are you suffering from culture shock or bad moral in your workplace, where your natural genius is squelched by a negative atmosphere? Is your workplace so stressful that it’s affecting every area of your life? Do you work with a team that has hidden hostilities that show up in the way work is conducted, disbursed or how people are acknowledged? Do any of the following also apply:

Are negative labels and descriptions applied to yourself or staff? Are you belittled and negatively judged continuously?
Has the life been sucked out of you and you find you have zero energy after work?
Are you dealing with brain fog and unable to make decisions that once were made with ease?
Do you feel a lowered sense of accomplishment each day for your efforts?
Do you now question your own ability?
Do you have reduced self-esteem and/or self-confidence?
Are ya just feeling burned out?
Do you feel like you just can't function at your best?
Are you getting sick all the time - health is deteriorating?

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Individual - Professional Coaching and Consulting

These stressful work environments wreak havoc in a company and can cause serious physical and emotional illness. According to the World Health Organization, “Burnout” is a real medical and mental health concern! And, it’s not just productivity that suffers -- life on the home front can be damaged as well. Working long-term in a role that is stifling, unjust, disrespectful and denigrating can cause negative issues that go far beyond the 5:00 pm time clock. It can affect all aspects of life to include actual brain function, PTSD, serious medical concerns, family and children!

Have you been feeling like there is no way out?

Is there a way out? 

You bet there is!!!! 

     So many others have been here before, to include me -- YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The United States statistics are staggering!  Through coaching, many have been able to take a step back in order to move forward in a BIG WAY!  Discovering new tactics and strategies, they are able to turn it around, negotiate their way out and slide right into the job of their dreams!  

     Isn’t that what you want? Are you ready for a career that is satisfying, leverages your natural talents and strengths, and gives you the lifestyle you want and need? Are you ready to take back your health and dignity?  Are you ready to SOAR?

     If you answered, “YES!” then it’s time to follow my 5-step, “Organizational Culture Shock (OCS),” process and get the right fit for you. This system includes defining the problem, measurement of the issue, analysis of needed steps forward, steps to improve the situation and the learning of skills to control and avoid future events.  We start with where you are and an eye towards growth, development, negotiation and leveraging yourself into a career that is perfect for you! 

     If you’re ready to leave a job where you are unable to perform at your best, then you’re ready... If you’re ready to leave a company where your work is misaligned with your values, then you’re ready... If you’re ready to stop being mistreated, ridiculed or ignored, then you’re ready... Even if you decide to stay, this process can help you identify your genius and negotiate your terms!  Regardless, if you are ready to take the needed steps to make it great again then you’re ready!  

     You’re ready to schedule that call now to get started!

     Create view and statement of what is happening and define the problem.

     1.    Evaluate if there is a way to measure what is happening – could be process or general in nature.
     2.    How often is this happening?
     3.    When, where, how, whom
     4.    Create visual ways to see the problem

     1.  Gain perspective on the truth of the situation – what is really happening
     2.  Fight or flight – should I go or should I stay?
     3.  Understanding the needs of others
     4.  Personal growth needs evaluation   
     5.  Personal skills evaluation for needed growth

     1.  Understand stress and the brain
     2.  Eliminating Self-Criticism and building self-acceptance
     3.  Develop needed coping skills with brain understanding
     4.  Learn communication skills
     5.  Learn Negotiation skills
     6.  Learn influence skills
     7.  Understand how body language plays a part in how we are perceived in social environments.
     8.  Understanding unconscious social bias – our animal instincts

     Learn how to ensure your performance is always spot on

If you read this far then you must be ready - schedule a call today!

Worplace Culture Shock Coaching: About Me


Toxic workplace cultures can cost your organization a LOT of money in a LOT of ways!!

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Address Underlying Causes

Can do a lot of harm by

1. Destroy projects through sabotage

2. Increase employee turnover

3. Decrease staff motivation

4. Cause stress harm to others

5. Reduce productivity

6. Delay projects increasing costs

7. Increase staff sick days

8. Disengage workforce, increase costs

We can help you assess workforce efficiencies.


Teach leadership how to coach

We can assess your staffs natural talents using the Gallup Strength Assessment.  Armed with this knowledge managers can assess the teams strengths and talents.  Managers are taught how to view strengths and assign tasks based on strengths setting employees on a path to utilize and master what their unique brains were designed to do.


Coach Managers to Coach and Lead

Toxic work environments can lead employees to burnout and mental exhaustion when exposed day in and day out.  

After managers are trained to assess staff and understand team unique talents, they are taught to learn coaching and guide their teams to optimum efficiency.  

Effective and efficient workplaces do not run employees 100% of the day.  Staff some down time to calm the mind and think of creative solutions.  Stressful work environments stifles spirit.

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