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Why is coaching so powerful?

Have you ever written a letter?  Most everyone should be able to tell you they have.  If you write that letter and step away from it for a few days you will come back to better see your mistakes.  There will be typos or you left a word out and spell checker didn't catch it.  Life and it's endeavors are very similar.  It can be hard to see everything, think of all the different angles and even just to push and keep taking steps toward an ultimate goal can be hard.  A coach helps guide you ensuring forward momentum and helping you to navigate potential blind spots.  A coach is an accountability partner.  EM Colorado provides for the use of two different coaching methods.  An individual, leader or team may decide to do one or both.  One technique utilizes NLP and the other Gallups Strength Based system.  A coachee may decide to place specific targeted attention on one subject, a few or take a more holistic approach taking all aspects of daily life into consideration.  NLP can assist to overcome lifelong non-value added habits and/or patters of behavior.

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The differences

A few times now, I have been party to a conversation where there wasn't a good understanding of what the difference is between being a coach vs a contractor, consultant or therapist.  This lack of understanding also exists with coaches themselves.  I've heard coaches talk about how they taught their client something.  But, let's look at that concept as it relates to an NFL coach.  This coach most likely has not professionally played each and every position, but yet is still a coach.  The coach needs to have a good understanding of the game but it's the person being coached who is the expert. When we step in a position of providing our expertise then we are consulting or advising.  As a contractor I will deliver a product.  I have prepared a video to shed more light on this subject.

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Your Strategic Partner!


You cannot correct what can't be either measured or identified.  In coaching the first order of business is to determine and identify the destination(s).  Where are we going and how quickly do we need to get there?

You cannot get to your destination if you do not know where it is.  DestinationI(s) are established and what success looks like determined.  You may have one goal destination or many.  It very well may be that you need to accomplish a number of things to make the ultimate goals happen.  We will work to determine what success looks like.



The Path to Success

Next, a roadmap to success must be built.  If we are going to take a trip to Kalamazoo then we need to identify a few things.  We need to know what the best travel roads are to get there.  Anticipated or known road blocks that could be encountered should be identified with an action plan to overcome it if it happens.  This could mean taking an alternative path.


A Comprehensive Approach

What does success look like?  Perhaps you have a long term goal with identified milestones?  Can any of these factors be measured?  If the goal can be measured this is a great way to identify success.  HR might say we have a 25% turnover rate each year in staff.  The goal may be 0.5% with milestones along the way.  This can be measured on a graph and is typically reported to executive leadership.



The Path to Success

Now that you have your destination goal(s) set, measurements established and the path built you will travel the journey with your coach.  Your coach will be in the passenger seat cheering you on, helping you to stay positive and focused and make the ride enjoyable.  Your coach is an accountability partner.  Duke, shown in the picture here typically sits in the back seat.  He helps to identify other doggies along the way.  You never know when other partners might be needed.  The idea is to make the trip fun, enjoyable and challenging.  

Duke was included here because dogs are always happy and willing.  They go with the flow of life and will lead the way while having fun each and every time you allow them to lead!


A Comprehensive Tracking Approach

EM Colorado, LLC has a mascot named Barron.  If he can't sniff out the path no one can - trust me!!  He doesn't care if his ears get dirty or he drools along the way.  Actually, did you know that a bloodhounds drool actually helps them to track scent?

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